“The show was so entertaining from start to finish. Good clean fun targeted at all age groups. These guys have so much energy and really enjoy performing for others. Bready brilliant indeed. I cannot wait to see more.”

“Captain Breadbeard and Davy Scones were definitely not pitta-full. They definitely had it all wrapped up. I’d be brown bread if I carried on all this crumby stuff – (mum jokes are the worst in my house). These guys weren’t half baked but fully risen performance artists. Not a stale joke in sight. Fresh and springy all the way with a lovely varied set. It was very well constructed with fun facts sandwiched between the wit and even occasional pathos. Yes! I actually really emotionally invested in the dangerous duck tales. I really didn’t tire at all of the bread jokes. I actually marvelled they could make so many. Lovely and layered for all ages. I didn’t miss the ‘popping tarts and hob bobbing all night bit! Lots of fabulous music spoofs too. Totally engaging- they never let it slip for one second. Energetic and vibrant and convincing. I’m definitely not a kid’s show kind of person but this cleverly spans all age groups. Go see them next time. You won’t be disappointed.”

“Two superlative performers (one a firm favourite here at CSF) who have the time of their lives on stage and welcome you to join them. Our only quibble – not enough Shakespeare related content. Perhaps an excerpt from Baking Lear next time, eh?”

“We never knew an hour of bread-based comedy would be so good! An absolute riot from start to finish!”