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Shamelessly pun-tastic theatre. Committed to creating loaf-out-load, fast-paced, wholemeal bun for audiences of all ages. Made for grown-ups, suitable for children, may contain gluten!

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“This is brave, childishly satisfying & silly comedy at it’s best… just the whey I like my cheesy – bread based comedy… well done Captain Breadbeard”

Adam Hotchkis, audience at The Warren at Brighton Fringe

“Captain Breadbeard and Davy Scones were definitely not pitta-full. They definitely had it all wrapped up. I’d be brown bread if I carried on all this crumby stuff – (mum jokes are the worst in my house). These guys weren’t half baked but fully risen performance artists. Not a stale joke in sight. Fresh and…

Read more Angela Dye, Faversham Radio

Angela Dye, Faversham Radio

“Two superlative performers (one a firm favourite here at CSF) who have the time of their lives on stage and welcome you to join them. Our only quibble – not enough Shakespeare related content. Perhaps an excerpt from Baking Lear next time, eh?”

Canterbury Shakespeare Festival

We had a great time watching Captain Breadbeard and company at the Brighton Fringe this year, we look forward to breaking bread again soon!

Christian Villa, audience at The Warren, Brighton Fringe.

What the two performers in this show create is at the same time both eye-wateringly hilarious and  indescribably sweet. Baguette a move on and buy your tickets

Elliot D Huxtable

Great show. Fast paced entirely bread-based. Laughed from start to finish. An hour of sketches, songs, bread facts, and more from Captain Breadbeard and Davey Scones. Bready Brilliant!

Elsa Lewis, audience at The Warren, Brighton Fringe

A brilliant pun or should I say bun based comedy. The energy Captain Breadbeard gives throughout the whole show is amazing! I really didn’t know you could have so much fun with bread! Bready brilliant would certainly not be an ovenstatement!

Johnathan Sheers, audience at The Warren, Brighton Fringe.

“The show was so entertaining from start to finish. Good clean fun targeted at all age groups. These guys have so much energy and really enjoy performing for others. Bready brilliant indeed. I cannot wait to see more.”

Lynn Ferrell, audience at Faversham Fringe

“Extraordinary inventive plays on words. Makes you fall in love with English language. A fast paced, packed with funny plays on words family show. A truly inimitable eccentric show!” 

Marion Deprez, audience at The Warren at Brighton Fringe.

“The funniest thing since sliced bread.”

Russell Stevens, audience at Faversham Comedy Lock-In